Welcome to MOUKI Home Decorations

Our Mission

As the elegant taste consistent with the cultural touches from of shapes and design, only a world of decors can be created surrounded by magic of myths and root of traditions, shines on history and through it cultures are engaged emitting in souls a lot of success and improve, and the invention be expressing for resembling cultures, the history must be seen in a new elegance concept close to real time and view life seasons, so what if this invention the most incredible among the world of decoration from it the originality can be seen to add modern touches full of luxury and rich the imagine, and by experience MOUKI for decorations work, hand drilling and oriental decorations with highest levels of art and distinct to create a perfect world of curette performance and artist invention through professional artisans specialist in what is new in the world of decorations.

Our Vision

To create a distinct place in the world of stone and marble decorations through the local and regional recognition for what we distinct of abilities, products and services which put us among the leaders of designing and implementing stone and marble decorations of high quality.